Monday, March 22, 2010


So it's Monday.  I'm sewing and it feels great.  I truly need this solace to recover from work.  As I have mentioned in my previous post,  I work in a children's  hospital.  I love it.  It's easy for me to work with children.  It comes naturally to nurture these kids.  But it does have a down side.  In the past two weeks that I have worked, one child came to our hospital as a full code which means they came to us receiving  CPR and  life giving care but unfortunately, this child didn't make it.  Then this weekend, another child came to us as a near drowning.  His mother was able to give CPR continuously until he had a heart beat.  I believe this child will make a full recovery but I'm not so sure that the mother will fully recovery from seeing her child face down in the pool and then giving life saving CPR.  The look on her face was of a woman who wasn't about to forgive herself  taking her eyes off her child and him being found in the pool.  It is easy for many  hospital employees to judge this family.  We see this over and over.  But I believe we shouldn't judge.  I'm a parent who knows how easy it is to be distracted (maybe even with another child) and still you believe your child is safe in your house. Then you go looking and you can't find them.  And then someone finds the child face down in the pool.  I don't think we should punish the parent with judging them; they are punished enough with what happened to their child.  I plead with parents to do all that can be done to protect children around their swimming pools.  Please teach little ones very early on how to swim.  Practice with them to make sure that they can swim even if they accidentally fall in the pool.  Some kids learn to swim but then panic when they fall in accidentally so they drown.  I know this subject is a real downer but I'm passionate about kids.  I know that we can't/don't see every thing that kids are doing.  So I want parents to protect them in different ways.  Teach kids to swim, have a pool gate, have a door alarm so if the door to the pool area opens the alarm  goes off.  Also, have a pool alarm that stays in the pool and sounds an alarm when something over 10 pounds is in the pool.  Please spread my words... I don't want to write a letter of condolence to one of my blogger friends.  

OK, enough of my soapbox .  Tomorrow, I'll share what I'm working on.  So until then, have a happy Monday.


Christine said...

Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful words you left on my blog. My heart goes out to you in the loss of your mother.. from your blog I can tell you have a very empathic heart and you are a very good person! Thanks again for your very kind words... they meant the world to me.

The Fickle Nickle said...

Hi there!! I am so glad that the world has special people like you working with children!! What a difficult, yet rewarding job you do! Thank you for stopping by my blog... I am now a new Follower of YOU. Can't wait to read more...xo