Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Mondays Mean to Me (Even though today is Wednesday..)

I work every weekend.  Even though I feel lucky that I like what I do (I work at a great hospital) and have it easy compared to the people who work full time during the week, I'm tuckered out by the end of Sunday night. Come Monday, I make the day about what I like.  Sometimes, I don't even make it out of my PJs!  Other Mondays (like today) I feel the need to look and feel like a woman!  I'm so lucky that I'm at that stage of my life where I am able to  indulge myself.  My kids are grown and my husband travels during the week so he's not here.  So Mondays are totally mine without any guilt.  I feel that women give to everyone else but hardly take the time for themselves.  Most of the time, even when we are dressing, we think: Will my husband like this, will he notice?  Today, I dress for myself.  It's not to get noticed for what I'm wearing, it's to look good in MY eyes.  I don't know what happened that I stopped dressing.  I think that's because in four years, I have gained 20 pounds.  Although I would like to lose about 10 of them, that shouldn't stop me from dressing like a woman.  I think that I have gotten used to wearing medical uniforms and when I come home, it's into the shower and then into sweet PJs.  So today, I decided I needed to feel like a woman: no sweat pants, no jogging outfit, no lounge wear.  It's a dress and my hair curled and my toenails painted.  I’m not the perfection you would find in a magazine picture. Here’s just me, flaws and all... Feeling like a woman!

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