Thursday, March 17, 2011

Need a Little Help from Sewers & Crafters

I am in need of buying an iron that really works! Right now I am using  Black & Deck Steam Xpress.  It's OK but I want something better.  It doesn't really get wrinkles or creases out of my fabric without having the cloth pretty damp.  Since I'm sewing, I need an iron that can stay on all the time.  I asking you guys who use their irons for sewing or crafting to please help me out here!  Do you have an iron that you can recommend?  What is it that you love (and not love) about your iron?  How much did it cost you? Have you tried a professional iron?  I have gone to amazon and looked at several but when I look how people rated their irons & their experiences, I'm scared!  So any help is appreciated.  If there is an iron I should stay clear of, please let me know that too!

Here's what I want in a new iron:

  • Plenty (and I really mean A LOT) of steam with plenty of steam holes
  • An iron that doesn't spit back
  • the option of auto off but also leave it on all the time 
  • I want the iron to be able to get out wrinkles and creases (is there an iron that can really do this, I haven't bought one yet)
If you can think of other things I should consider, please let me know.

(Picture from Black & Decker's website.)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Hike of the Season: Superstition Mountain

Beginning of Gold Mine Trail

Beautiful Desert: Superstition Mountain

Zdenek waiting for me...I don't believe I'm that slow!
Phoenix in the distance: You can see the smog (:

The only wild flowers we saw today

Zdenek is always prepared!  We are trying our new water system out!
Which Direction?  Where's the trail?

He's not impressed with us!

I hope he brought me an apple too!

How many Cacti can there be??

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Couples Differences

All couples have similarities and differences.  We learn to live with both.  But sometimes our differences clash.  Still, we learn to cope!  Although I have many things that Zdenek and I like together (such as our style) I believe he wishes I would be more like him as far as a someone who was neat about their personal space.  We both have areas, which we believe are our personal domain; for example, I cook so the kitchen is part of mine.  We both have a room/office that is totally our own.  Here’s a glimpse into our areas:

His tool drawers:

My kitchen drawers:

Zdenek has his say with
this drawer to keep peace in
our house!

His office:

My sewing studio:

I know where everything is!
Now, I don’t usually post pictures about my messiness.  But I refuse to be fake so I’m doing so.  I can clean a house that my mom would be so proud of, just ask my sister!  But I can make a mess faster than most kids! I believe this drives my husband nuts somedays.  He gets so many bonus points for not pointing it out to me on most days.  But just like my messiness can (OK, does) drive him nuts, so does him being so neat drives me nuts.  For example, I can be cooking a recipe and have everything I need out on the countertop and the dryer buzzer goes off.  I’ll go to take care of the clothes and when I come back to cooking, all the food has been put away! My honey didn’t know what I was doing but thought I just left the stuff out and put it away!  IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!  But somehow we live with each other in harmony!  I just find it fascinating how couples manage life together when we have different ideas, backgrounds and standards.  It must be *l*o*v*e*! I wouldn't trade him for the world! I hope he feels the same way; I'm afraid to ask!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fabric that I Love

Sometimes you pick a piece of fabric that you love and when you go to show it to your friends they look at you funny.  Well, this is one of those pieces that may make you do a double take.  I bought it at a discount SAS warehouse in Tucson.  If you are my friend, I understand your puzzled look!  So, without writing more, here is one of my favorite fabrics:

It was not my intention to use a Halloween theme.  I am simply making myself a purse!  (The fabric serves as the lining in my purse).  I really can’t tell you why it tickles my fancy only that is does.  It might just be that I deal with bones for a living.  Or it might be the red & white fabric or the time period that it depicts (anybody remembers the skeleton period?). I’m not altogether clear why I like it; just that I do.  Have you ever picked up a piece of fabric or an article of clothing and just knew you liked it, no matter what others would say about it or what your choice says about you?  
The fabric is Alexander Henry “Midnight Pastoral” .  I find that a curious name for this fabric.  I wonder what his inspiration was?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sewing: Peek A Boo bags

I just finished making these cute bags:
Peek A Boo 

I found the tutorial for making these cute bags at Make it Perfect. I could think of a hundred uses for these type bags that I just started sewing.  A co-worker is having a baby boy next month and I thought these bags would make a great baby shower gift.

The Process:

Although I'm not a fast sewer, they are easy to make.  I'll have to time myself to see how long it takes me.  Usually, if I'm making more than one item of the same design, I like to do all the cutting at one time.  So it's hard for me to judge how long one bag takes me.  I used a thinner clear vinyl than what Toni recommended because it's what I had on hand but when I run out of it I'll purchase thicker vinyl.  
Aren't they cute... I'm going to make some for my upcoming trip to Europe.  They might help me keep my life organized!  Truly, a wishful thought!  I also want to try making some with Velcro closure; I'll post my results when I make one.
 I want to say a big "Thank You" to Toni at Make it Perfect for sharing with her readers her sewing pattern/tutorial. This makes her an awesome lady!  She also has an etsy shop, go check it out and see if she's made something you can't live without!  All her items are so cute; I can't wait till I have a new little one in our family (my brother is having a baby soon) to shop in her etsy's shop.  
What would you use these bags for?