Thursday, March 17, 2011

Need a Little Help from Sewers & Crafters

I am in need of buying an iron that really works! Right now I am using  Black & Deck Steam Xpress.  It's OK but I want something better.  It doesn't really get wrinkles or creases out of my fabric without having the cloth pretty damp.  Since I'm sewing, I need an iron that can stay on all the time.  I asking you guys who use their irons for sewing or crafting to please help me out here!  Do you have an iron that you can recommend?  What is it that you love (and not love) about your iron?  How much did it cost you? Have you tried a professional iron?  I have gone to amazon and looked at several but when I look how people rated their irons & their experiences, I'm scared!  So any help is appreciated.  If there is an iron I should stay clear of, please let me know that too!

Here's what I want in a new iron:

  • Plenty (and I really mean A LOT) of steam with plenty of steam holes
  • An iron that doesn't spit back
  • the option of auto off but also leave it on all the time 
  • I want the iron to be able to get out wrinkles and creases (is there an iron that can really do this, I haven't bought one yet)
If you can think of other things I should consider, please let me know.

(Picture from Black & Decker's website.)


The Part Time Domestic Goddess said...

No unwieldy wire! I had this one that had such a stiff wire, it threatened to flip the iron over every now and then!

Karen said...


I'm in the FAS Apron Swap with you and I just posted about my new iron on my blog. I love love love it!

Mary Lea said...

Hi! My mother would be horrified...but I use a cheap-o iron...and never use the steam feature! Instead, I use a pressing liquid (a starch substitute)...most quilting shops carry some brand of it...and I find it works out great! (And I sew quite a bit...) Just to let you know how I roll!