Thursday, March 10, 2011

Couples Differences

All couples have similarities and differences.  We learn to live with both.  But sometimes our differences clash.  Still, we learn to cope!  Although I have many things that Zdenek and I like together (such as our style) I believe he wishes I would be more like him as far as a someone who was neat about their personal space.  We both have areas, which we believe are our personal domain; for example, I cook so the kitchen is part of mine.  We both have a room/office that is totally our own.  Here’s a glimpse into our areas:

His tool drawers:

My kitchen drawers:

Zdenek has his say with
this drawer to keep peace in
our house!

His office:

My sewing studio:

I know where everything is!
Now, I don’t usually post pictures about my messiness.  But I refuse to be fake so I’m doing so.  I can clean a house that my mom would be so proud of, just ask my sister!  But I can make a mess faster than most kids! I believe this drives my husband nuts somedays.  He gets so many bonus points for not pointing it out to me on most days.  But just like my messiness can (OK, does) drive him nuts, so does him being so neat drives me nuts.  For example, I can be cooking a recipe and have everything I need out on the countertop and the dryer buzzer goes off.  I’ll go to take care of the clothes and when I come back to cooking, all the food has been put away! My honey didn’t know what I was doing but thought I just left the stuff out and put it away!  IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!  But somehow we live with each other in harmony!  I just find it fascinating how couples manage life together when we have different ideas, backgrounds and standards.  It must be *l*o*v*e*! I wouldn't trade him for the world! I hope he feels the same way; I'm afraid to ask!


Sara @ Super Saving Sense said...

Oh how funny that he put all your stuff away that you were using! I love that you shared the pics and showed the differences. I think your hubby is awesome for being so neat. You are more like me, a little bit of chaos everywhere I touch ;-)

Sara (from Saving for Someday) said...

It's all about harmony and keeping the world in balance. If you were too neat it would throw things off. See, you're perfect for each other!

Amy @ Dealusional said...

I had to laugh at the tool drawers. That's how I'd like Dave's to be. I try to keep things neat, but he just messes it up so I've learned to not be quite so anal.

Janae said...

So funny! I'm trying to change my ways, but I am definitely like you! :) Janae

Lisa Brown said...

Wow... I wish my hubby... or myself for that matter - was that organized!!! Looks absolutely AMAZING!

Jules from A Little Bite of Life said...

You are so much like me! I have my places, and my husband has his, and never the two shall meet, LOL. And for what its worth, I do not think you are too messy-its a sewing studio, a little mess is expected.

It's funny-I have my kitchen super neat, but my craft room is a whole other story. Did you know that the messier someone is, the more creative they are? (I made that up, but its great justification, LOL!)