Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wonderful Wedding Anniversary:

Today was my 6th wedding  anniversary.  I had an absolutely wonderful day with my husband.  We got up around 7am and I made us a breakfast of omelets and fresh French baguette.  After a yummy breakfast, we packed up and went for a 3-hour, almost 4-mile hike. Now, let me explain: walking 4 miles really isn't that hard.  When we walk around our own neighborhood, it takes me a little less than an hour which is also about 4 miles.  So you can imagine what the terrain must have been like for me to take 3 hours to do the same distance.  Let me share some pictures; they will tell the story...

I had to be careful around all these prickly cacti!
It would be embarrassing getting them picked out of my butt if I fell on one!

The trail wasn't really marked well; it was very rocky plus it wound up and down that damn mountain.  I was really pooped when I got home!  The only thing to remedy this was to go straight to the tub for a good soak!

Isn't he a hottie!!!

I had to be careful  not to fall on one of these!

This is the type of wild life we have in Arizona

Luckily, we ended our day having dinner at the Roaring Fork restaurant.  They made us a wonderful meal.  When we arrived at our table, this was waiting for us:

  The service, food, and atmosphere gave us one of the best dinning experiences we've had in a long time.  It reminded me of our wonderful wedding.

Have a fabulous day!

PS:  Three things I'm grateful for:

  1. Hiking Stick
  2. Hiking Boots
  3. My Husband
(Not necessarily in that order!)

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