Monday, May 3, 2010

Sorry...No Vlogging Posted Today

This is my first experience trying to post a video to my blog and I'm unsuccessful :(  I made a 3-minute video introducing myself to all of you, got it downloaded on my IMAC  and then uploaded it to YouTube!  That's where my problem remains!  It told me that it could take several hours to be posted and I don't even remember what it is named.  In addition, this is my first experience with YouTube so I'm not sure if I'll find it when it is finally posted.  I'll check back tomorrow and see if I can find it... I'm so sad; I wanted to have my first video made and done so I could only get better from that point... well, I guess one more day won't kill me.  Tomorrow, I also plan to post about what has been going on in my life to keep away from here.  So, until tomorrow... enjoy the night; here in Arizona, the night is so beautiful; a night to enjoy a walk with my honey...
See ya soon

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