Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Happened to Me???

So, it's been a month since I have written on my blog.  What happened?

In one word, family.

Oh my gosh... I don't really know where to begin but I do know I WANT TO COME BACK!!!

Remember this guy???

Well, well, well,  he surprised me in a BIG way.... can you guess?  It was absolutely shocking to me. Well, I won't leave you in suspense any more.  Here is Mathew...


with a new WIFE!  What a surprise!  Mathew called me up while I was working. Here's our conversation:  "Mom?"   
"Yes, Mathew," I say.  He says, "Are you sitting down?  Are you in a good mood?"  Now, all you moms know this isn't gonna turn out good!  I say right away, "Spit it out, just tell me what you did." (as my stomach does the belly flop).  
He says, "Well," (long silence) "I got married."  I said, "You did what?"  (I Couldn't have heard him right, right?)  He said it again, "I got married."  I said, "Are you in Vegas?" He said he wasn't.  I said, "What is her name?"  Now, don't you think a mother should have already known the girl's name if her son was planning on marrying the girl?  Well, as you can tell, I was taken by complete surprise.   This past month I have been taking in what just happened.  The idea that: 
  • Mathew got married. 
  • Mathew didn't elope to Vegas but had a small wedding in Alabama without me (his mother!).
  • I didn't even know her name.
  • Now, I'm a mother in law to someone.


Down On The Farm said...

Wow. That's not exactly something you expect to hear now do you? But hey, how exciting, you are a mother-in-law :)!!! I am certain your son picked wisely and you have a wonderful new addition to your family!

Amy @ Dealusional said...

I would be so hurt if Emma got married without telling me. Even if she didn't want me there, I'd still want to know.

But on the upside, you'll be an awesome MIL and not one of those evil ones like I have :)

Sara @ Saving For Someday said...

You handled this with such grace. I can imagine how taken aback you must have been. My brother got married and then called and told me, in similar fashion. But it's my brother, not the child I birthed and raised! You have such a positive outlook on it, and I'm certain that your joyous disposition will lead you to be a wonderful Mother In Law. At least you missed out on all the wedding drama! And your story will always be something people would love to hear about when talking about "when my kid got married....."