Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sewing Project

Current Sewing Project:

Lately, I haven't posted much about sewing projects I'm currently working on so here it goes:

 I'm still working on The Princess and the Pea Blanket.  Here's a picture of what it looks like right now; as you can see I still have some sewing to do!

In the picture above you can see I have a ripple going through the entire quilt top but it can't be fixed.  I just have to live with it and hope in the end it won't be too noticeable. 

I still need to embroider eyes and mouth to the princess'  face and add a ruffle around the edge.  Then, I'll sandwich the top quilt, batting, and bottom quilt together. 

Here's a picture of the ruffle I'm adding:

I ran into a small problem when creating the ruffle.  I never took into consideration that it would be really hard to pull two simple treads to form the ruffle when you have about eight yards of material!  Sometimes, I feel like a ignoramus!

Of course, this is what happened to my thread when trying to create the  ruffle:
So, now I'm going to hand baste with embroidery thread and make the ruffle.  I hope this works.

The end product is supposed to look like this:

By Angela Yosten at
Moda Bake Shop

Angela Yosten created this fabulous tutortial.  I fell in love with this blanket and knew it would be perfect for my friend's first grandchild (who happens to be a girl!)

I also want to mention that there are so many great tutorials and ideas over  at the Moda Bake shop .  If you haven't checked it out, please do.  My new blogger friends who don't sew should too because  I plan to choose my next Moda project on their advice and then have my first giveaway!  They might just win something they like.  So please head over there and give me some ideas! 

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Sara @ Saving For Someday said...

OMG, this is amazing! It is adorable and must be such a confidence boost to see it come together. I'm sure there will be many who see it in person who would take it (not saying that it would be me, but if you invite me over and it's missing ...... just sayin'!)

I can't wait to see it all done! And don't fret over the ripple. It will be part of the love and character. It will show that it was handmade!