Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Protect Your Little Ones Against Injuries

I have a safety tip for parents who have small children (really all kids under 10).  As you know, I work at a children's hospital so I  am privy to see what kind of injuries and accidents affect our kids.  Since the beginning of this year, I have seen four kids from this type of injury.  Two weeks ago, an 18-month old boy was a victim of this.  Unfortunately, it took his life.  The culprit is free standing flat screen TV.  Kids are able to wiggle/push on a dresser and the TV falls on top them.  On lower stands, they can push them off because the flat screen TV is top heavy.  The weight of a 42" flat screen plasma TV is about 66 pounds;  a one year walking child is about 22 pounds.  So, even though 66 pounds doesn't really sound like a heavy item, it's 3 times the child's weight.  There is an easy solution to this:

Now, this is just an example of TV safety straps.  I went to Amazon  and typed in "TV Safety Straps"  to find the one above.   There are many different types and styles you can choose from depending what your needs are.  I know that a little boy would be alive for an item that cost about 20 dollars.  Truly, a sad outcome for this family.  Please, don't let this happen to yours.

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Amy @ Dealusional said...

God, that's so horrible. I can't imagine the parents' pain for something that could have been prevented. Great tip, and what a great way to use your blog.