Monday, January 31, 2011

A Great Giveaway: UPS Giveaway

My friend, Sara, from SavingForSomeday is having a giveaway for an UPS American Express Gift Card for $10.00.  

Have you ever used Whrrl?  Do you like Social Media, there are many addicts out there!  If you never used Whrrl, here's your chance to try a new media and win!

Please, check it out and I hope you win!!

P.S.  You have a chance every time you visit UPS and Whrrl about it!  The giveaway ends April start sending your packages out by UPS Stores.  Check out the way to do it & the rules: SavingforSomeday

1 comment:

AZLB said...

guess it is time I check our whrll