Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have been trying Smart & Final's new coffee, Ambiance, for the past month.  Ambiance comes in six varieties and if you want to see what I think of each one, please check out it out here.  Now, if you check it out, please no laughing!  I shared it with my co-workers and they teased me for the rest of my shift!  Apparently, it was very entertaining to them.  I am lucky to have a chance to offer you a wonderful giveaway.  One lucky reader will get a basket of all six varieties of coffee along with a $150 gift certificate to Smart & Final.  All you have to do for today's chance is watch one of my videos and tell me how I did as a reviewer of Ambiance coffee.  Just for fun, I found some interesting facts about coffee that I thought would be cool to share:

Coffee & Health

Q: Can caffeine kill you?
A: Health experts say if you were to drink 80 to 100 cups real fast and all at once, it might do the trick. This is not advisable to try at home! So technically, coffee is not going to kill you. You just may be up all night.

Q: Can coffee be good for you?
A: Coffee actually contains important anti-oxidants, which is the way most Americans get their daily fix. Coffee can be beneficial at about 1-2 cups per day. If you can’t handle that amount of caffeine, well you can try black tea instead. If that doesn’t suit you, you can find anti-oxidants in beans, bananas, or corn.

Q: Can caffeine boost the female sex drive?
A: Actually, this study was done on rats and it worked! But, for humans it is not necessarily true. Some people who are not used to drinking coffee may find themselves more excited than usual. I don’t know if it will lead you to this exact issue. You won’t find someone offering a cup of coffee in a bar.

Q: Does coffee relive pain?
A: A small study had shown that 2 cups of coffee alleviated the pain of post-gym muscle pain. Take into consideration that this research was done on those who were not regular coffee drinkers. Those of you who are big drinkers, you may be immune.

Q: Can coffee keep you up at night?
A: Of course, why do you think so many are hooked on coffee? Health experts say you shouldn’t drink coffee up to 6 hours before you plan to retire.

Q: Does Decaf have caffeine?
A: Decaf coffee has an extremely small amount. It would take about 5-7 cups to get the same amount of caffeine in 1 cup of coffee.

Q: How are coffee beans made decaffeinated?
A: The way the caffeine is removed is by steaming the beans until the dissolved caffeine rises to the surface, then an organic solvent is used to wash the caffeine off. The organic solvent is called methylene chloride.

Q: What makes coffee so bitter?
A: It is amazing to find that it is actually the anti-oxidants that make coffee bitter. It is not the caffeine.

Q: What makes a great tasting coffee?
A: It is all in the roasting and brewing. At 400º degrees of the roasting process, the beans begin to release its oil. This oil strengthens the flavor. And as for brewing; it depends on the coffee. But, the longer coffee grounds steep, the more caffeine content you will have. A cup of regular coffee often has more caffeine then a cup of espresso or cappuccino, and the darker the roast the most likely the more caffeine.

I found these fun facts at stumblerz.  If you need to know more fun facts check them out. 

Here's the rules to my giveaway:

Only one comment per post about this fabulous coffee/GC giveaway.  Every time I post about coffee, you can enter for another chance.

Leave an email address or a way for me to reach you in case you win!

Giveaway runs from January 19th to midnight February 4, 2011.Your comment will be placed in a big bowl and on February 5 a random person will be picked a winner from the bowl.

P.S. A great deal right now at Smart & Final: Buy Ambiance coffee and get a dozen of their brand eggs free!


angelina la dawn said...

what an incredible giveaway! i personally love my cup {or two} of coffee each day.

Denise said...

Delicious! Go buy it! (great way to end it) Watched the Gourmet Supreme because I usually lean towards that (we drink Folgers Black Silk or Gourmet Supreme coffee). Your video was slightly dark and you could tell you were reading a bit but it didn't bore me in the least so I consider that GREAT.

Coffee giveaway, how could you go wrong!

And, it was MINUS TWELVE here at our house yesterday. Really.

My blog is lifewithfourboysDOTcom
My email is lifewithfourboysATgmailDOTcom

Thanks for a great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try the new Ambiance Coffee! And I hope it wasn't me that teased you...probably Sam right? :)


cindy said...

You know I think I have similar tastes to you - so I will start with the vanilla and wait to see what else your favs are!!

Sara said...

I would totally trust your opinion about coffee! Well, about most things really because you're so honest and genuine in what you write.

Anonymous said...

I love coffee! Great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Fun giveaway - especially with the multiple posts :)

Nancy said...

You are an incredible cook; therefore it only makes sense that you would choose great coffee. I am looking forward to trying it.

Norma said...

My daughter got me a cup years ago that said "coffee Hound" - it was huge!

LAMusing said...

thanks for all the info on coffee :)

Anonymous said...

oh I thought you did a great job on all your videos kim. count me in


Anonymous said...

Hey the coffee is great

rosa w

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I love this giveaway, and the way you're doing entries is fun, too :

VickieB said...

Since I am a coffee drinker, I'm glad they found it good for you
vlbsweeps at gmail dot com