Friday, December 31, 2010

Craft Book Giveway from Apron Memories Blog

EllynAnne from Apron Memories is having a giveaway!  She stumbled upon a book (while browsing through  she found interesting and after researching the author online, she decided she liked what Jodi Kahn (author) was about and actually contacted her to see if she would sponsor giving away her new book, Simply Sublime Gifts  to one of her blog readers of Apron Memories. 

(picture from Amazon)

EllyAnne blog is about aprons so you can see how this book caught her eye!  Look at the cover of Simply Sublime Gifts and you'll see a cute apron.  I believe that's all it took for EllyAnne to dig deeper into what this book was all about.  I can understand it!  I love aprons too and have quite a collection of patterns and articles that could easily  fill a whole dresser drawer.  So, of course I entered this contest! 

Even though I want to win, I want to pass along this giveaway information to you for a chance.  I love the idea that you can make easy, practical gifts from items you already have in your home. That's what this book is all about.  So please, check it out and sign up.  Support bloggers who want to give away a gift!

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Jodi Rall said...

What a cute idea!!! I love the cover...