Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Few Facts about Me!

Over at , Laura wrote 100 things about her. I thought, WOW! I don't know if I could list 100 things about me all at once. So, I'll start off with just a few: Here are 10 things about me.

I have lived in Scottsdale, Arizona for about 8 years and still love it. Before that, I lived in Florida for about 22 years. I was really ready for a change but didn't want to go somewhere cold. So, I traded humid heat for dry heat!

I met my husband in Flagstaff, AZ while I was on a three month assignment. We dated a year and then took the plunge and never looked back. While we come from very different backgrounds (he’s European), we live together with pleasant ease. I can’t say I always understand where he’s coming from with ideas and such but he doesn’t always understand where I’m coming from! I believe it’s partly just being different sexes. Will men really understand women…I don’t think so!

Even though I know it's vain: I hate to admit to myself that I'm 46 years old. In the last six months, I look more like my mom! How did that happen? Ready or not, I have to learn to accept changes in my appearance.

I truly believe I have a good life.

I have two sons; Mathew and Jason. Mathew is 27 years old and Jason is 23. They both live in Florida. Even though they live so far away, they are never far in my mind. I look forward to when they get married and have kids. Right now, they are just working on life.

I work at a children's hospital in radiology. I have an associate’s degree in Radiography and currently work in CAT scan. I love the hospital where I work. I have a really kind and easy going boss. I work three 12-hour shifts on weekends so I have four days off to do whatever I want.

I love sewing!!!! I wanted an outlet that was creative even for someone like me. I can't draw and I'm not creative but I can follow a pattern!!!! I took our guest room and turned it into a sewing studio. It's my paradise.

I also love cooking. I'm glad that people at work don't mind me bringing food to share. I need someone to share all my brownies or I would eat them all, usually in a couple days. I have a really fit and trim husband so I want to look my best.

Also, I'm trying to lower my sugar intake. That's a very hard goal for me. I take after my grandma, she loved chocolate too. Well, really it wouldn’t be a problem if I only loved chocolate but it's all sweet things!

I hated peas all my life. Well, that was until my husband asked me to try fresh peas. I said “Are you kidding me, I HATE peas.” To appease him, I tried one….then another…and another. I LIKE peas!!! Now, I just hate canned peas!

I have been to Hawaii twice! It was just as wonderful the second time as the first. I even tried to get a job there so I wouldn’t have to leave! I don’t know if I could live there a long time but I would sure love to try for a year. This is one of those places that gives me serenity.

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Down On The Farm said...

It is so neat to read about your life. We have several similarities, and some differences. I am 45 years old and I feel your pain :)!! I see the age starting to creep up, but, like you, I try to take care of myself. I also love to cook! I don't think I'm a GREAT cook, but I enjoy it. I have lived in the same town for nearly all my life. In fact, the farm where I live is about a mile and a half "as the crow flies" from where I grew up. I have a 17 year old son and a 14 year old daughter. Yes, life is good. Your job sounds fascinating, and I'm sure very rewarding! Thanks for visiting my blog!