Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Continued Progress!!
It feels so good to report progress. Everyday, I'm sewing. Some days quite a bit others just a few minutes. I'm happy to report that I finished my sister's tote bag! Even better, my husband had a business meeting in Florida so he was able to hand delivered the finished item. My only regret: I forgot to take a photo of the finished project. The design was Amy Butler's Sling Bag. This is the fourth one I've made and I'm onto making the fifth as I type. It's for a baby! I will definitely get a photo of the finished project. But for now...here's a pic of the material I made my sister's bag and a pick of the fabric I'm using for the baby's tote: cute!


Down On The Farm said...

I am a "sower" but I do not sew :)! I don't even have a sewing machine. But, I have seen some really cute ideas for dishtowels. May have to call my mom and borrow her machine. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am proud to be your first "follower." Have a wonderful weekend! Robbin

Anonymous said...

Hey SIS!
I will take a picture with my new bag! I have to find a matching outfit- give me a few days and I'll send it to you so you can post it! THANK-YOU SOW MUCH!!!!!!
I Xoxoxo you!! Cindy