Monday, March 7, 2011

Fabric that I Love

Sometimes you pick a piece of fabric that you love and when you go to show it to your friends they look at you funny.  Well, this is one of those pieces that may make you do a double take.  I bought it at a discount SAS warehouse in Tucson.  If you are my friend, I understand your puzzled look!  So, without writing more, here is one of my favorite fabrics:

It was not my intention to use a Halloween theme.  I am simply making myself a purse!  (The fabric serves as the lining in my purse).  I really can’t tell you why it tickles my fancy only that is does.  It might just be that I deal with bones for a living.  Or it might be the red & white fabric or the time period that it depicts (anybody remembers the skeleton period?). I’m not altogether clear why I like it; just that I do.  Have you ever picked up a piece of fabric or an article of clothing and just knew you liked it, no matter what others would say about it or what your choice says about you?  
The fabric is Alexander Henry “Midnight Pastoral” .  I find that a curious name for this fabric.  I wonder what his inspiration was?


Jamie said...

Cute! I have skulls and crossbones with smiley faces on my bulletin board at school. The students love it!

Lisa Brown said...

Wow! That is a crazy fabric... but I like it too! Makes me think of Edward Allen Poe :)

Janae said...

Cook fabric! I've never seen anything like it. Janae

jennifer robin said...

I have that fabric in my guest bedroom for curtains!! My color choice was light green!! I do however love the red!! The fabric is toille, right!! A french country scene. I am drawn to the french prints.