Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two Products for Laundry Room

There are two products that really work for me in my laundry room:

Both these items get a lot of use in my laundry room.  I used to hang my wet wash cloths outside on a wooden rack holder and the wood would (wow!) seep into the cloth and discolor it.  I would be so mad about it.  The according rack isn't made of wood so I no longer have that problem.  Plus, since it's indoors, I no longer have to worry about the wind knocking it over.  I love the fact that I can push it close and it's not in my way.  I also like the fact that it isn't on the floor taking up valuable space.  Altogether, it's makes my "Love It" list of products.  I like the 2nd product as much as the first.  As I would hang my cloths from the dryer, I would put the hangers on the door knobs.  Well,  you can only hang so much stuff on those small knobs and I would have to stop hanging to put the already hung cloths in the closet, which isn't near the laundry room.  I solved that problem with the instaHanger.   I love that it can hold many cloths at once, it's very study on the wall , it closes up and takes no room at all!  Who doesn't love that!  My husband said that they were pretty easy to install.  I can't imagine doing laundry without these two gadgets.   I bought them from the Container Store locally but you can also purchase them online.  Below the pics are the links to both items.  No, they didn't ask me to sell their products!  I just want to share what really work's for me.  Please, if you have an item that works for you, won't you share it with everyone by leaving me a comment.  


Nicole Carpenter said...

What GREAT ideas! I still hang my stuff on the door knobs or drape them over the banister in our loft. I need to invest in these for sure!!

Sara @ Saving For Someday said...

I gave you an award on my blog! Because everyone Learning to Sow needs a little Sunshine!

angelina la dawn said...

ah, someday i will have a laundry room! right now i'm just thrilled i have a laundry closet!