Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Progress: Sewing

 My Pillow is Finished!!!




This is the pillow I made for the pillow swap at Modified Mix.  I have never made a pillow so I was a little nervous about making one for someone else.  When I read about the pillow swap, Jamie, the organizer of this pillow swap, said this was the time to try out any skills you wanted to work on.  So I said, "What the heck, not only will I make a pillow, I'll try adding some embroidery to it" and I did!  Originally, I had a totally different pillow in mind but when I looked at the many different colors of fabric purchased, I decided against the original design (although, I still plan to make this pillow in the future).  However, I did incorporate the back of the pillow just like the one (in the original design)  in this picture: 

(picture by Moda Bake Shop)

 I think I got scared when I saw that the fabric I purchased just wouldn't look right for this pillow so I made up the design of the pillow you see in the first picture.

Here's a look back at the fabric I thought would work (but didn't):


I'm sure that I will do another pillow swap and will become more adventurous with my design.  As far as the pillow I made,  I wished I had used a dark solid blue for the closure.  Even though the dots are the same color as in the outline of the flower (I think  it is) it just looks a little weird when I look at the finished pillow.  Hopefully, the person who gets this pillow will know it may not be perfect but it certainly was made with love!


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I love the paisley. So classy, and so simple :)

Amy @ Dealusional said...

I love the fabric. You did a great job! So talented.

Joseph and Cassie Herbst said...

Your pillow turned out so cute!!! Nice work :)