Thursday, June 10, 2010

Capri pants Rock

A blogger friend of mine, Sara of Saving for Someday, wrote a blog post about Capri pants; go check it out.  I believe most women in their forties that had children can relate to her and most woman's dilemma of what to wear.  I certainly relate.  I have decided to post a pic of me in capri pants and people don't have to like it.  I have seen many worse fashion no-no's then this pic of me.  Women can wear them and still not look bad!  Here's to all the women who wear them! Cheers!


Sara @ Saving For Someday said...

You look adorable! And, oh yah, I've definitely seen so much worse. This is a cute outfit. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and supporting me and my capris!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I am so behind the curve. I had no idea that capri pants are not stylish!! I wear them all the time. And don't think twice when I see people wearing them.. well, except men. I have issues with that.