Monday, July 6, 2009

This is where I first learned about bloging. One day I goggled sewing and someone's blog was listed and I opened it. I was so thrilled to find so many women passionate about sewing!! It was like opening a great book. I can only hope to be accepted into this new world I found. I am not a great writer but hope that my excitement will help make up for any of my lack of skills. When I read the blogs from this site, I can't help but feel like I belong. It's interesting to find so many women around my age who love sewing!!! I would be thrilled to be accepted into this sewing circle and encourage women who feel the same way I do to start here...... I have added my blog site to this list and hope to be listed within a couple weeks....Happy Sewing Everyone :)

Big list of Sewing blogs - I'm in, are you?

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