Monday, February 14, 2011

Creating a Pseudonym for Your Creativity

I love that the author is unknown.  She was just creating,  not worried that her name would not be associated with the quote.

I'm trying not to find myself  but relax enough to let whatever creativity flows within me and out to whatever I am doing.

Would I be more relaxed if I didn't place my name on everything  I created?  Would I take more risk?  Would it be easier to create?  Would I be more daring?

Sometimes when I make something I find all the reasons I shouldn't give my gift or sell my items. Finding everything that is wrong with an item, I feel I want to remain anonymous.

I love the idea of being unknown at times.  I'm going to have to invent myself a pseudonym and see if creating is easier when there is less pressure on me.  It may be more liberating and allow me to be more creative and be less critical.

Do you believe you would be more creative if no one knew it was you who created it?

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Amy @ Dealusional said...

Absolutely. You don't have to worry about people judging you, failure or anything else.